Writer and project manager from Cork, Ireland. Past jobs include: PA, games store manager, Zombie steward, promo person, carnie and Santa’s sweariest Elf.

2020 has inspired a lot of musicians. Many wise and wistful songs have been penned about this strange and socially-distant year.

This list doesn’t have any of them. These songs are the sweary ones, the shouty ones, the ones to howl as we drain the last drops of booze from…

Laugh at that seasonal salad! Laughing burns calories!

A content-looking woman with brown skin and black hair holds up a teeny slice of cucumber with dip on it.
With a dash of nutmeg and a huge helping of delusion, a slice of cucumber can become a delicious but not-too-nutritious Christmas dinner. Photo by J A N U P R A S A D on Unsplash

In the hectic whirl of a socially-distanced Christmas, it’s tempting to find joy and solace in festive comfort food. But is there any point surviving — and maybe even thriving — over a COVID Christmas, if your waistline is also growing?

A woman in a blue disposable face mask makes a thumbs-up gesture.
Tip 3: Thumbs-up to gestures! Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

About 15% of the population have hearing loss or lipread, so mask use in public spaces is making communicating a lot harder all round. So, before whipping it off, what can we do?

1. Listen Up

When someone tells you they lipread, showing you understand that we’re finding it hard and not being…

Keep your focus on the outcome you want for better results (and less stress). Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Pandemics and politics, antifa and antivax, fake news and flat earthers; there’s never been more reasons to get into an argument with your family, your friends, and even random strangers on the internet.

If your fitness tracker thinks you’re working out 40 times a day because your heart rate and…

Three carved pumpkings, lit up at night. The middle one says RIP.
Don’t abandon all hope! With a little out-of-the-coffin thinking, we can bring Halloween back from the grave. Photo by Sudan Ouyang on Unsplash

Thanks to coronavirus, it looks like Halloween parties and trick or treating are dead to most families this year. But that doesn’t mean that Halloween can’t be frightfully fun. If you get your brains together and colla-BOO-rate you can still have a night so good it’s scary.

For the fiendish…

Sadhbh Zilla

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